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Simplify your business shopping!

We can maintain inventory levels, thus allowing you to keep levels lower, keep costs in check, and get special orders. You will save time by not having to check levels, place orders, or run around for products. No minimum orders or over stocking, and free deliver on most items.
Plus you’ll enjoy doing business with us, and not having interruptions to your daily business operations.

General items that you can choose from are as follows, with the option of special ordering thousands of others.

Break Room Supplies Facility Maintenance Mail Room Supplies

Coffee Fresh Brewed Trash Can Liners Brown & White Paper Bags
Coffee Instant Receptacles & Dispensers Kraft Paper Rolls
Cream Powdered Sweeping Compound Zip Lock Bags
Cream Liquid Facial & Bath Tissue Plastic Bags
Coffee Brewing Equipment Paper Toweling & Wipers Storage Containers
Sugar & Sweeteners Ice Melters Bubble Wrap
Hot Cocoas Hand Soaps Pallet Wrap
Cups Personal Hygiene Products Sealing Tape
Plates Paper & Plastic Deodorizers & Freshners Carton Tape
Napkins General Cleaners Cartons
Salt/Pepper, Etc Waxes Floor & Polish Shipping Pouches
Dish Soaps Squeegees & Brooms Labels
Plastic Ware Gloves Adhesive Packing Envelope
Cappuccinos & soups Bathroom Cleaners Signs
Distilled Water Dust & Wet Mops Entrance & Floor Mats


I would like to meet you. We can discuss ways and products that can make your job easier. I can provide you with information about products, and look for ways to help you get what you are looking for. By knowing what you are looking for I can also, keep a look out for you on future products that come on the market. I know many of us have too much to do we tend to forget or misplace things, so please fill out the information below and contact me now.

Call us at 800-242-1007, fax 888-923-5992, e-mail to get information and discuss any of your needs or wants, at no obligation of course.

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